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SSMS2 edentulous emimandible


This anatomically realistic segment consists of:

- skeletal section in TRUELIFE synthetic bone [click HERE for more detail], with spongious and cortical layers;

- TRUELIFE bio-polymer mucosa [click HERE for more detail];

- X-Ray clear mandibular canal;

- Light-guide mandibular nerve, for an immediate lesion diagnosis [click HERE for more detail].

- Instruction sheet included






SSMS1 edentulous emimandible
(without TRUELIFE mucosa)

Same characteristics as SSMS2, without the TRUELIFE mucosa.It is used for purely skeletal surgery practise, where soft tissue engineering is not required.

SSMS3 edentulous emimandible
(without TRUELIFE bone)

Aesthetically very similar to SSMS2, but without a realistic bone tissue and optic fiber nerve.. It is mainly used for practise on suturing techniques and gingival surgery.





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