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The average temperature range for Bologna in September is 16°C overnight to 26°C during the day.


The electrical current in Italy is AC - the cycle is 50Hz 220 V. A tourist carrying electrical appliances to Italy should have a transformer, either obtained before leaving your country or bought at an electrical appliance shop in Italy. Plugs have round prongs, not flat, therefore an adapter plug is needed.


Although everyone loves Italian food, figuring out what kind of meal to have and where to have it can be difficult. Italian cuisine varies from region to region but, in spite of regional differences, Italian food in general is often characterized as being flexible and innovative, building itself on a model of theme and variation. Here is a selection of the most well known regional specialties that the tourist should taste:

Emilia Romagna: green lasagne made with spinach;
tortellini home-made pasta stuffed with ground meat;
scaloppe alla bolognese veal scallops;
prosciutto crudo Parma raw ham, salami;
cheese: parmigiano reggiano

Tuscany: bistecca alla Fiorentina huge T-bone steak grilled over aromatic charcoal;
arista roast pork;
cacciucco fish chowder;
triglie alla livornese red mullet cooked with tomatoes and oil

Veneto: risi e bisi soup with rice and peas;
polenta a corn meal dish;
zuppa di pesce fish soup;
scampi prawns;
fegato alla veneziana calf's liver with onions

Emergency telephone numbers

Carabinieri - Emergency: Phone no: 112
Car rescue service: Phone no: 116
Fire Brigade: Phone no: 115
Medical emergency service: Phone no: 118
Police - Emergency: Phone no: 113
International Call Service - Information: Phone no: 176
Telegram Service: Phone no: 182


The conference organisers do not accept responsibility for personal mail. Please have mail sent to your accommodation address.


A message board will be located outside the conference office. Please advise potential callers to contact the Bologna Congressi Convention and Exhibition Centre (telephone + 39 (0)51 and ask for the No Dig 2007 Conference. Messages cannot be delivered personally.


All prices are in Euro including 10% GST. All on line registrations must be paid by credit card via this website when available. Please note that debits to your credit card will appear as Event Planners Italy on your statement. If you complete a registration form manually and pay via cheque, please note cheques or drafts must be in local currency, drawn on an italian bank and free of all charges. Cheques/international bank drafts are payable to ISTT 2007.


Smoking is not permitted during conference sessions or functions. In Italy, smoking is not permitted in public areas where meals are served, or any domestic and international airports

Time+1 GMT
In comparison to the Greenwich meridian (London) Italy is an hour after, as all the nations of the center Europe

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